Ken Dowden: The Home Page

Welcome to my home page. I used to apologise that it consisted of odds and ends. I suppose it always will. I'm in the process of updating this page - so pardon the building site appearance.

The backcloth is sunset from my Birmingham study, 10th November 2002.

Some presentations

Powerpoint presentations, mainly transmuted (thanks to the magic of Open Office) into pdf files: if copyright problems offend any copyright holders, please let me know. These presentations tend to be a window on the world and I recognise that some of the world is owned. The slides are available below:


Occasionally people find my javascript Reading Latin vocabulary tester useful.
Press the 'instructions' button and it should be pretty obvious after that.

Links to other stuff

I've got a selection of links that you might find useful (or not) here, largely focussing on finding etexts - in Latin, Greek, and English..

Ken Dowden, Oct 2015

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